Voucher Coupon Opportunites

1/11/2018 7:47 PM
Rx Branded Coupon/Voucher and Informational Opportunities NOW SORTED ALPHABETICALLY BY PRODUCT.
We will add more programs as they become available.
 Partnership for Prescription Assistance- Website provides extensive list of patient assistance programs, co-payment programs, Savings Cards and Medicare Drug Coverage/Medicaid/CHIP programs. Many lists sorted by Pharmaceutical Vendor programs as well as by U.S. State.
Absorbica- Sun Pharma  
Aciphex360.com has monthly savings card-Esai-
Advair  -GlaxoSmithKline
Adzenys XR ODT-Neos 
Aerospan -Meda 
Alinia- Lupin
Alvesco instant rebate program. -Sepracor-
Amitiza savings program sign up.-Takeda-
Antara Web  -Lupin-
Apidra -Sanofi 
Aptensio Xr- Rhodes 
Apriso- Salix
Astellas Cares Transplant website- Astellas 
Atripla- Bristol-Myers Squibb 
Avar- Mission
Belviq- Eisai 
Binosto- Mission
Butrans- Purdue
Bydureon- Learn about financial support with the Steady Savings Card
Cambia Savings co-pay -Depomed
CaroSpir- CMP Pharma New!
Cimzia- UCB 
CitraNatal- Mission
Clindesse- Perrigo 
Cloderm- Promius
Contrave- Takeda
Corvite FE- Vertical
Crestor-  -Astra Zeneca-
Daklinza - Bristol-Myers Squibb 
Dexilant- Takeda
Diclegis- Duschesnay USA
Diovan -Novartis
Diovan HCT -Novartis
Divigel- Vertical Pharma
Durlaza- NHP 
Dyanavel XR- Tris  
Dymista- MEDA 
Edluar Co-Pay Reduction Program -Meda-
Eletone- Mission
Enstilar- Leo 
Entresto -Novartis 
Epipen- Mylan 
Epinephrine Injection USP Auto-Injector  Reusable $0 Co-Pay Card- Impax 
Effective May 26, Impax’s epinephrine auto-injector savings card program will be changing so that commercially-insured and cash-paying patients may receive up to $50 off their out-of-pocket cost for each epinephrine auto-injector* two-pack they purchase.
This offer is available to download at our website, www.epinephrineautoinject.com, and covers all Lineage- and Impax-labeled epinephrine auto-injector products with the following NDCs:
Epinephrine auto-injector 0.15 mg 54505-101-02  0115-1695-49
Epinephrine auto-injector 0.3 mg  54505-102-02  0115-1694-49
Evamist- Perrigo 
EvoTaz- Bristol-Myers Squibb
Evzio- Kaleo
Fabior Foam- Mayne 
Ferralet 90- Mission
Felbatol Patient Assistance Program -Meda-
Finacea -Bayer Dermatology-
Fluoxetine-Edgemont Voucher
Forfivo XL- Edgemont
Focalin XR- Novartis
Frova website -Endo
Fycompa- Eisai  
Genvoya- Gilead 
Gralise- Depomed  
Horizant- Xenoport
Hycofenix- Mission 
Hylatopic- Onset Dermatologics-
Inderal XL- Akrimax 
InnoPranXL- Rouses Point  
Intermezzo- Purdue
Janssen Prescription Assistance website  Janssen
Keppra XR Patients Saving Program -UCB-
Lantus -Sanofi 
Lazanda- Depomed
Lantus- Sanofi New!
Levemir FlexTouch- Novo Nordisk
Lipitor for You Program -Pfizer-
Livalo co-pay card- KOWA-
Lycelle- Mission
Mitigare- Westward
Neupro for RLS savings program- UCB
Neupro Savings Card- UCB
Nexium-purplepill.com -Astra Zeneca-
Nicomide - Avion Pharmaceuticals
Nitromist- Akrimax 
Nucynta ER- Depomed 
Nuedexta-   www.nuedexta.com 
OB Complete One- Vertical
OB Complete Premier- Vertical
OB Complete Gold- Vertical 
Ovace- Mission
Onzetra- Avanir 
Orencia- Bristol-Myers Squibb 
Osphena- Shionogi 
Oxaydo- Egalet 
OxtellarXR- Supernus
Oxycontin Savings Card Program -Purdue Pharma-
Picato- LEO
Pennsaid- Horizon
Pradaxa- Boehringer Ingelheim
Praluent Patient Support -Sanofi 
Primlev- Akrimax 
Prenate Vitamin Family Avion
Prepopik- Ferring
Promiseb Complete- Promius
Qsymia- Vivus
Rectiv- Aptalis
Reyataz- Bristol-Myers Squibb 
Solodyn website  -Valeant-
Soliqua 100/33 insulin- Neos 
Soolantra- Galderma 
Sprycel- Bristol-Myers Squibb 
Stendra- Akrimax  
Subsys- Insys 
Suboxone Save up to $50 -Reckitt Benckisser-
Suprax- Lupin
Sustiva-  Bristol-Myers Squibb 
Sumavel Dose Pro  -Zogenix-
Symbicort- Astra Zeneca
Taclonex- LEO
Tirosint- Akrimax 
Tsuzistra XR- Vernalis
Tradjenta- Boehringer Ingelheim
Trianex- Promius
Tresiba- Novo Nordisk 
Trokendi XR -Supernus
Toujeo- Sanofi 
Tuzistra XR- Vernalis 
Uloric- Takeda
Uribel- Mission
Vascepa- Amarin 
Vgo- Valeritas 
Victoza Prescription Savings- Novo Nordisk
Vertical Pharma products- Vertical Pharma
Vimovo -Astra Zeneca
Vimpat-UCB- (click on the vimpat savings button)
Zembrace- Promius 
Zomig- Impax
Zorvolex- Iroko
Zyvox- Pfizer